How it Works

You can add vehicles, add users (driver or customer or staff), associate user to a vehicle, add all cost incurred to the Vehicles like service, spare parts, fuel, registration, insurance cost. Alerts can be set and reports on total expense on a Vehicles can be generated.


All Vehicles with its full details can be added like their Registration, Insurance, Make, Model, purchase date and price, life to find book value, current status etc


Users (Staffs / Drivers / Customers) can be added and a Vehicles can be assigned to a user.This association starting and ending can be recorded with any traffic contraventions by the driver.


Vehicles registration renwal and Insurance renewal or any custom alerts can be created, which will send email notification on the set date.


Software Features comes with many out of the box features for retriving different reports about total cost from each vehicle.

  • Add and Edit Vehicles Details, Search vehicles, Add Insurance details and Vehicles Registration details.
  • Add Bill and bill details of parts and service done for each vehicle.
  • Set Email Reminder Alerts for Insurance and Registration Renewals.
  • Assign Vehicles to a user like Driver / Staff / Customer. Add Traffic contraventions if any for a driver.
  • Spare parts inventory managment make the reordering garage spare parts easy.
  • Vehicles type can used for easy search and filter based on Auto Brand. Can be linked with GPS tracking system.
  • Options to Create Vehicles Groups, Vehicles types, Shops and service centers, Service and Parts, Insurance companies etc Free Vehicle Fleet Management ERP Software Free Vehicle Fleet Management ERP Software


Have a sneak preview of the software features to have a clear understanding of what we have to offer for you.

Our customers are delivery companies, rent-a-car companies and companies with staffs cars.

Customer contact details can be stored for future marketing, sales and promotion requirements on Googfleet.

View available and allocated car list.

Write note about an allocation. GPS URL can be attached to each vehicle.

Manually creating and assigining driver to a vehicle always ends up in chaos, use googfleet instead and track down traffic contraventions.

Easily forgets until when a driver used one van,truck or bike. Googfleet helps to create and assign drivers.

Start and Stop dates of driver vehicle association.

Managing many staff vehicles on excel and on papers is very difficult.

Finding various reports like the total cost incurred on each vehicle is even painful. Googfleet helps to store all bill and details for easy and quick report generation.